Raskin Planning Group

Investment Execution

At Raskin Planning Group, our philosophy regarding your investments is characterized by three fundamental beliefs:
  • You should be adequately compensated for the risks you take
  • The investment program should help provide you with a high probability of success relative to your goals
  • You shouldn't be unnecessarily exposed to potentially avoidable catastrophic risks.


Investment Portfolio Structure and Strategy

  • We evaluate portfolio design based on the disciplined foundation of asset allocation, or the broad diversification of investments across different asset classes and investment styles. This allows us to help quantify and manage the risks associated with any investment program in light of the anticipated return. Taking too much or too little risk can have a significant impact on your ability to attain your financial goals.
  • Ongoing due-diligence of specialist managers and assets classes is vital in maintaining an efficient and productive investment portfolio.
  • Maintaining the proper asset allocation is an important discipline from a risk control perspective. Portfolios should be rebalanced periodically so that certain asset classes and investment styles are not over or under-weighted.
  • Investment portfolios should be fully-invested at all times. Attempting to anticipate market movements has historically not been a prudent long-term investment strategy. Moreover, we do not try to predict which asset class or investment style will be in or out of favor.
  • Clients should attempt to anticipate cash needs over the next 12-24 months. These cash needs should be retained in no or low-risk accounts like money market funds, certificates of deposit or savings bonds.
  • Taxes matter and should be considered when designing and managing assets, but taxes should not be the sole determinant of investment decisions. Don't let the tax-tail wag the investment-dog.
  • Simplifying your financial life with less paper and fewer accounts to manage are important goals. You should clearly understand how you are progressing toward your goals.
  • The Implementation of the Investment Process is on-going and always reflects your financial planning objectives.


Investment Management Process

The Raskin Planning Group utilizes a disciplined 5 Step Process (shown here) to ensure you are moving closer to the investment and financial goals outlined in your personal Comprehensive Wealth Plan.



Clients who retain Raskin Planning Group to implement and review their investment assets as described above, will be charged an advisory fee that is calculated as a percentage of total assets under management. Fees start at 1% per annum and decrease as assets increase. All fees are billed quarterly.