Raskin Planning Group

Investment Planning

Objective Investment Planning integrated with your Comprehensive Wealth Plan enables you to make better investment decisions, which may result in higher more consistent returns with less risk.

You and your family have worked hard to accumulate assets and the Raskin Planning Group understands their value to you and your planning. We view investment assets as the raw materials that are necessary to support your family's Comprehensive Wealth Plan. Without these raw materials, it may be difficult building and maintaining your plan.

Investment Planning is the serious work of deploying your assets in ways that will help you meet your financial objectives. We start this process with a personalized analysis of your "risk profile". How do you "feel" about investment volatility? What is your understanding about financial markets and what are your expectations? Each client receives a thorough explanation and education about the historical performance and behavior of different investment strategies, types of investments, and general asset classes. This education becomes foundational as you evaluate current investments and set policies for future investment decisions.

We then determine if your "risk tolerance" is in line with your financial objectives. Do you need to make adjustments in your portfolio to increase returns or should investment volatility or risk be reduced? Do you need to adjust your objectives?