Raskin Planning Group

Retirement Plan Advantage System

For most employees, their company’s retirement plan will provide a large source of retirement income and is a vital component of their Comprehensive Wealth Plan. Many clients at the Raskin Planning Group are business-owners or executives responsible for their company’s retirement plan and they want to make sure they provide a high-quality, competitive retirement plan offering to employees. The employer’s objective is to attract and retain productive employees and help them prepare for retirement.
These plans can be costly and plan sponsors are often uncertain if their retirement plan is successful in meeting its objectives of wealth accumulation and retention. The Raskin Planning Group has developed the Retirement Plan Advantage System to make sure these plans are meeting the employer’s objectives.
The Retirement Plan Advantage System services include:
  • Plan Design and Management
  • Fiduciary Risk Review and Compliance
Plan fiduciaries can manage their fiduciary risk through the following:
  • A Fiduciary Fitness Program helps protect fiduciaries
  • An institutional approach to Investment Due Diligence monitors and evaluates fund managers and investment strategies.
  • An independent Benchmarking Analysis balances costs, services and investment opportunities
  • Plan Investment Management
  • Participant Education
The benefits of the Raskin Planning Group’s Retirement Plan Advantage System are:
  • A customized retirement plan designed to help the employer achieve business objectives
  • Increased employee satisfaction and participation in the retirement plan will lead to employees better prepared for retirement
  • Enhanced investment opportunities
  • Protected Fiduciaries
Employer confidence in knowing the plan is managed according to the needs of the business and its employees.