Raskin Planning Group

RPG Advantage

The RPG Advantage™ results in a personal financial strategy that will bring all of the elements of your financial life into one clearly focused picture. You will feel confident and have "a sense of well-being" knowing you are on track to achieve all of your financial goals. We build lasting relationships providing custom solutions for each client and then tracking your progress toward your goals.
Many people view their lives in progressive stages, which may include the following:
  • High earning career stage, busy with family and friends
  • High cash-outflow stage (private school, college, vacation home)
  • Second or third career with lower or no earnings but higher satisfaction
  • Active retirement with focus on family, travel, recreation, continuing education and arts
  • Mature retirement stage with less activity but high medical expenses
The possibilities are as varied as peoples' dreams and desires. Recognizing that fact, the Raskin Planning Group begins each client relationship mapping out each stage and transition through the client's life. Then, through ongoing discussion and sophisticated modeling tools, strategies are selected to achieve each stage's goals, allowing our clients to make confident decisions along the way. This process is repeated annually so that clients can track their progress toward their personal and financial goals.
The RPG Advantage™ can be thought of as two separate yet integrated components: