Raskin Planning Group

The Raskin Planning Group Philosophy

Helping Clients Reach Their Goals

  • Tax reduction strategies;
  • income needs;
  • risk management;
  • charitable planning;
  • retirement planning;
  • education funding;
  • distributions to heirs.

Financial planning isn't a one-time event. It's an annual, ongoing process that should be adjusted as life unfolds.

Case Study 1: A client called to tell us his spouse had recently been diagnosed with a progressive disease that might impact their long-term financial and estate planning. While there are no immediate concerns, we are working with their estate planning attorney to make sure the clients understand their options.

Case Study 2: A client is one year away from full-retirement. In the meantime, the couple will need to supplement their income with distributions from their non-retirement savings and investment accounts. Next year, he will begin taking required minimum distributions from his retirement accounts, which will meet most of their annual income needs. We have recommended an investment allocation change for the IRAs, to a strategy that is focused on current income, with growth as a secondary objective. While the projected volatility or risk of the IRA account is similar, the focus will now be on current income to provide for the annual required minimum distributions and the annual income necessary to meet their objectives.

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