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Why Raskin Planning Group?

The Importance of Understanding Your Wealth

The consequences of not understanding, organizing and assessing your resources are severe.  Many of us have deep concerns that can keep us awake at night, steal our financial confidence and influence our decision-making. 

Why Raskin Planning Group?

We have a knack for helping people feel confident and in control of their tomorrow’s. And not just the “financial” side of planning your wealth journey. We help people answer the most important questions about their wealth - its purpose. We help you visualize it, plan well for it, manage it, and focus on living and passing it on. 

Will my kids want to take over the business? If not, who will?

Who will want to buy my business? How much is it worth?

What happens if I or a key employee retires, gets injured/sick or dies?

How do I plan for retirement?

What’s the most efficient way to take money out of my business?

Am I paying too much in taxes?